5 Things To Do While Waiting for Hair to Dry 

We’ve all had that weird lapse of time between setting your Bantu Knots and waiting for them to dry, so you can look as put together as the natural hair girls on IG. 

 Here’s some things to take your attention off your hair! 

1. Binge Watch a Show 

I know I love to find a new show to binge watch. Binge watching gives hours on top of hours of time for your hair to dry. You get so emotionally invested in the show you forget why you started watching in the first place. Before you know it you have a set of flawless curls. 

2. Sleep 

Sleeping is one of my favorite activities and I like other people take advantage of the time that sleep offers. Those eight hours of sleep seem to fly away by the time the alarm clock goes off. You wake up feeling less than refreshed but your curls tell a completely different story. One long night of sleep can give your hair the time it needs to manifest into a beautiful masterpiece. 

3. Cook a Meal 

Everyone loves to eat. Why not prepare a delicious meal while you dry. Depending on the look you’re going for drying your hair can take hours. Cooking is a way to pass the time. Plus you have to feed yourself eventually why not do it while you have the time. 

4. Makeup, Makeup, Makeup 

Girly girls love the makeup and I’m one of them. I just stopped by the MAC store today. A fresh look isn’t complete without a beat face to go with the twist out you’re waiting on. Makeup can take a long time to apply especially if you’re into contouring. Your hair will be dry in no time and you camera will be selfie ready. 

5. Clean the House 

Chores are something most people put off including me. Well there’s no time like the present and your hair drying can be the perfect opportunity to do that deep spring cleaning you’ve been thinking about. 

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