As a baby, our first loves become our mothers and fathers, siblings, grandparents, etc. They teach us life’s fundamentals like how to walk, talk, what to eat, what to wear.  They give us strength, courage, honesty and respect.  The people you look up to as a child become your first and greatest role models.  With that being said, every moment that we spend with them becomes more precious and the lessons they teach us become forever engrained into us.

One of the first lessons taught to little girls whether they know it or not is the importance of brushing her hair.  I know that sounds crazy but it’s true.  Some of my oldest memories are of me sitting in my grandmothers lap and getting my hair done. A little girl getting her hair combed has a deeper meaning.  It means a lot more than just getting pretty before the day begins.  It teaches the importance of loving yourself and everything that comes with it including your hair.  It teaches that your hair is an extension of yourself and that your maintenance and display of it can reveal more of your personality than a two hour conversation.

For a little girl, getting her hair done has just one large value, love.  Think about it.  When you’re out, let’s say at the mall, and you see a mother and daughter.  You look at the mother and she is slaying from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s mountain top, then your eyes trickle on down to the little girl.  What do you see?  In your eyes, it’s an unloved little girl.  Yes, maybe she had a rough day at school.  Maybe during recess her edges got a little un-slicked.  Maybe nap time just a got a little to intense.  Hey, it happens to the best of us. However, that’s not the case in this scenario.  Why is that not the case? It’s not the case because you continue to look down at the little girl and her whole appearance just seems unkempt.  More than mismatched or tattered but uncared for.  When a little girl gets her hair done she knows she is loved unconditionally.

There’s a father and daughter on Instagram (@icemikeloveasia) and the two of them have gone completely viral.  Partly because Asia is like utterly adorable and also because of the concept behind the videos.  The father, Mike repeatedly displays his unconditional love for his daughter.  By simply brushing his daughters hair in the morning, he’s teaching her love for him, love for her, and love for her hair even if it’s different from mainstream media (long and straight).

 I remember spending Saturday’s with my daddy when I was little and mommy was at work.  Every Saturday morning he did my hair in two pig tails, quite nicely I might add.  Then we would go out, maybe to eat or maybe just to the store to gets parts for a car he was working on.  The point is that the destination didn’t matter only the action, the action of doing my hair.

My last piece of advice, on this post, is to do your daughters hair (your sons too for that matter).  It matters!

P.S. Don’t forget to do it properly. 

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