Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Today I have a favor to ask of you.  I want to know if a professional service dedicated to all things natural (products, styling, education) would be worth an investment.

Here’s the concept:

The idea behind this concept stems from the rising natural hair movement in the African American community.  The Natural Hair Bar will educate and preform the maintenance, health and growth of natural hair.  The products and services available will include: protective styling (braiding/weaves/wigs/etc.), protective styling tools (diffuser, etc.), imported hair, natural hair products (Jireh/Miss Jessies/Coconut Oil/etc.), Barbie dolls, flatirons, flexi-rods and stretching plates.  Partnerships with natural hair brands will be important as well as securing 100% remy, human hair imports.  There will also be certified natural hair stylist and education persons to ensure the highest quality for clients.  The Natural Hair Bar will be an upscale environment inclusive for women and men.

After reading this, what do you think? Would you enjoy something like this? Would you pay for it? How much?

Let me know, the good and especially THE BAD! Comment, comment, comment!

2 thoughts on “The Natural Hair Bar: An Entrepreneurial Experience

  1. Yes I would because I am all natural and think that I could benefit from it but I would say reasonable prices because it is already a lil pricy for some of the products that are used but I would Say Yes let me know when and where so I can be there on opening day


  2. With the escalation of natural hair in the Aftican American community I think this would be a wonderful investment. I can speak from personal experiences on testing my hair. Whether it was products, styles, or just maintenance, when I first began my natural journey I did NOT know what I was doing. If there wasnt a prominent number of salons with stylist whose expertise was with natural hair so I was on my own for most of my journey. If there is a salon that concentrates on natural hair: protective styles, maintenance, products, and tools, the prominence in the natural hair community could really grow. I definitely support it!


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