If you don’t know Kehlani recently dropped an album SweetSexySavage.  If you’re still unaware of who Kehlani is she’s the artist who was formerly with PartyNextDoor and Cavs player Kyrie Irving. 

But that’s not what I want to get into. What I’m trying to talk about is the fact that I love Kehlani and her music. It never fails, whenever I hear one of her songs it just speaks to my soul. It’s like she’s in my spirit recording thoughts and feelings I’m not at liberty to share. 

Her songs about constant battles with self and relationships are really all that’s going on in my personal life. There’s someone who’s always going to be there but not be there like Down For You with BJ the Chicago Kid.  There’s someone who doesn’t make an effort like In My Feelings and Piece of Mind.  There’s definitely a Distraction dude. Yet, I still have complete faith in myself and my actions like she does in Personal.  

Basically, Kehlani gives a voice to the madness inside my head. I feel like that’s the mark of a truly great artist. Being relatable and connecting to people on a deeper level. I’ve always turned to music to feel that void where I really couldn’t talk about something. I’ve found that her music really relates to me personally. I genuinely feel as is if her music is a part of her and her struggles and her goals and her dreams.  In today’s struggling industry where club hits make no sense at all music that means something gets lost in the hype. 

Anyway! I love me some SweetSexySavage. Go check it out. 

Peace & Love 

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