It’s Monday and I’m sure everyone is at work starting their week off fresh and earning those coins. Even though we typically treat Monday like the abandoned stepchild of the week we should really use it at an opportunity.

Monday, as well as the rest of the week should be seen as an optimal time to show off your skills. No no no, not your work skills. Your style skills.

I know everyone remembers being in high school and spending hours picking out the outfit for the next day. It was a whole list of people you had to stunt on everyday. Well I firmly believe that as adults we should harness that same energy and put it towards our ensembles for work. First impressions are usually always based off of appearance which is the all the more reason to dress at the top of your game. Work and anyplace really is one large networking experience and no matter what people say they’re not going to fully judge you on your experience and ability. The days of the drab, loose, black slacks with the off-white button down should be a complete thing of the past.

My favorite way to dress up business attire is with pants. The cut and styles of the pants usually termed leggings in the stores gives a chic yet professional vibe to any office setting. Add a nicely cut blazer or bodysuit and your outfit is ready to walk out the door.

Keep it fun and classy and you won’t look as bored as you probably feel.

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