I have a question for my followers. For me personally I’ve always been lucky enough to have exceededingly great men in my life. My father, brother, uncles, adopted uncles, etc. have all given me great examples of how men should be and what they should do. I’m sure some females share this same story. We have these wonderful role models and these people who genuinely care and love us. Yet we still have problems with the men we pick or that pick us. 

In our twenties we test the waters. We see what’s right for us. The habits we hate. Basically we experiment. We learn ourselves and the people we deal with. But I can’t seem to understand why we as females deal with the actions of men our own age that are father and brothers and what now warned us about. 

I get it. Sometimes we’re down for a quickie. But other times we start to catch that feeling bug. And when that happens we sometimes allow the men we deal with to act out scenarios we promised our fathers we’d never be in. 

Anyway, my question is, with all this love we get from our family why do we agree to just sex, friends with benefits anything that doesn’t say realtionship? Just food for thought. Let’s talk about it. 

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