Most females age 14 and up are consumed by the makeup bug. Because of their popularity, people sort of flock to MAC and Sephora. 

If you don’t know, Kiko Milano is an Italian based cosmetics store founded in 1997. I stumbled upon them during the last holiday season at  their location in Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. I always passed it on my way Sephora and actually after not finding something I was looking for in Sephora I went it and it changed my perspective. 

Kiko Milano has really good products are they’re slightly less expensive then MAC and Sephora. I love buying the lip colors. The color range is absolutely beautiful. I also use the matte foundation for a lighter color under my eyes  I use that product in conjunction with MAC’s Studio Fix and Kiko Milano brushes. 

If you’re a makeup junkie and haven’t been around to Kiko Milano check out the website or visit a location. Trust me, you’ll be surprised. 

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