With all the hype surrounding the Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma beef, I would like to address something Remy talked about that is very close to my heart. 

In her first diss track shETHER, Remy talked about Nicki before her butt surgery and referred to her as a SpongeBob. While that line was quite hilarious and had my dying it did make me look back at my own little pancake. I understand that in a diss you have to take shots but let’s be clear little booties still matter. 

As a member of the little bootie organization I must say that those of us with little booties work hard to make what we have look good. And a pretty face should count for something. (And your personality, and intelligence and all that). 

Going back to the diss track, I do like how Remy threw in the part about Nicki teaching little girls to hate their bodies. While it’s a hit to Nicki it made a valid point. Little girls should grow up loving the skin they’re in and appreciating every body type. Body shaming is real and in this new generation girls and guys for that matter are constantly reminded more than ever of this generic, photoshopped way we should all look. 

It’s kinda like that Twilight Zone episode where the girl had to pick which “body” she wanted. If you haven’t seen it, basically they lived in a world where at a certain age everyone had to give up their own looks and identity and morph into one of a series of models. Each model was different but they all possessed the same basic characteristics of “how beauty should be” The girl wanted so badly to hold on to herself but her mother and uncle pressured her into being like everyone else. She was deemed ugly until she transformed. This type of shaming is exactly what we don’t want for our kids going into the future. 

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