My shopping addiction isn’t just limited to little old me. No, no, no, I share my style with the people I love. 

This #ArmoireAddict is dedicated to the toddler and the mommies of the world. Just because a person is under three feet tall doesn’t mean they can’t dress well. I believe in teaching the babies early.  A fly baby is a happy baby! 

A cute tee from BabyGap and baby Huaraches! The babies need fresh air and exercise so there’s no need to limit them to outfits that adults wear. However, the playtime combinations we provide should keep the kiddies Snapchat ready.  

Maybe it’s just me but a nicely dressed baby says a lot. It displays love and care for a baby and it shows that you’re not only concerned about your own looks and well-being but you’re concerned about your kids too. It’s probably just an old way of thinking from the old folks like my grandma or even my parents but regardless I believe kids need to look just as good as we do! 

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