#ArmoireAddict: Burnt & Orange 

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear burnt and orange? No, not Donald Trump. That pretty color that works so well for fall and winter. We’re in the middle of sweater weather and pullovers are the perfect choice for this time of year. Plus, some are great for work and then play.  

Usually I pair this sweater, from Express with some light wash jeans like I have pictured above. The jeans are from FashionNova of course! But over the weekend I paired this sweater with some faux leather leggings, also from FashionNova and some white converse. 

#ArmoireAddict: Bottoms Up 

It’s Monday and I’m sure everyone is at work starting their week off fresh and earning those coins. Even though we typically treat Monday like the abandoned stepchild of the week we should really use it at an opportunity.

Monday, as well as the rest of the week should be seen as an optimal time to show off your skills. No no no, not your work skills. Your style skills.

I know everyone remembers being in high school and spending hours picking out the outfit for the next day. It was a whole list of people you had to stunt on everyday. Well I firmly believe that as adults we should harness that same energy and put it towards our ensembles for work. First impressions are usually always based off of appearance which is the all the more reason to dress at the top of your game. Work and anyplace really is one large networking experience and no matter what people say they’re not going to fully judge you on your experience and ability. The days of the drab, loose, black slacks with the off-white button down should be a complete thing of the past.

My favorite way to dress up business attire is with pants. The cut and styles of the pants usually termed leggings in the stores gives a chic yet professional vibe to any office setting. Add a nicely cut blazer or bodysuit and your outfit is ready to walk out the door.

Keep it fun and classy and you won’t look as bored as you probably feel.

Izzy & Liv

Umm so what’s up with Izzy and Liv? I stumbled upon this black woman’s’ paradise a while ago and I had to share. If you didn’t know well now you do. You ever wonder where people get those tees that make you want to step back into the 90’s? Those tees that give you that old school Martin & Gina, Dwayne & Whitley, Love & Basketball kind of feel. Well Izzy & Liv is the place to get em!

Izzy & Liv, a should be cultural landmark. whose motto is “confidence, culture, soul, apparel you can relate to”, hit the mark when it comes to their products.  Not only are the products relatable to the fact that you’re black, they’re reminiscent of the one and only decade that changed the game-the 90’s of course! I mean not to brag or anything, but no other decade gave “relationship goals” like the 90’s.  You don’t believe me? Love Jones, Love & Basketball, The Best Man, The Wood, Brown Sugar, Poetic Justice, Boomerang, Soul Food, Waiting to Exhale (rock with me on this one, you know Gloria had a good man at the end), just to name a few.  But in all seriousness, Izzy & Liv is good for slaying your ethnic roots.  They even pay homage to our handsome young black men like Mr. Michael B. Jordan (talk about a Glo Up).

Nicole Brown launched this little ray of sunshine only last year.  Her inspirations were her two daughters.  The brand is the namesake of her daughters Izzy and Liv or Isabel and Olivia.  Brown reiterates what is constantly being said in the media that representation matters, specifically positive black representation.  She created her products to show her daughters all the wonderfulness that comes out of being black.  What a great way to never forget that your melanin is everything!


Lets be clear the ORIGINAL Ant Viv


In the words of Queen Bey herself


One time for the 90’s, T-Boz, Left Eye, Chilli


If this ain’t real!

#Goals (Jeans: H&M)


Be sure to go check out the site izzyandliv.com and follow on Instagram @izzyandliv

Get The Look! 

Blazer: Forever21   Blouse: Express   Jeans: Zara   Heels: ALDO

Complete Look: $207.70 

  Blouse: H&M   Pants: H&M   Shoes: Francescas   Bag: H&M

Complete Look: $182.92

Dress: Go Jane    Shoes: Express   Bag: ASOS

 Complete Look: $199.50