Cardi B, Will 4Ever B Poppin 

I must admit when Cardi B first hit the Love & Hip Hop scene I was like this chick is ratchet at its finest. However, my opinion of here has changed. 

I don’t see Cardi B as the ratchet, annoying, stripper chick. I see her as the real, down to earth, I’ll f*ck you up on sight yet still be cute friend that we all need in our lives.  Plus, her comebacks are classic comedy. Between she and Chrissy Tiegen I can be on theshaderoom all day! 

And let’s not forgot, she slays us daily with the style. 

And we can’t leave out her sissy Hennessy

You can’t get prettier than her! 

I truly admire their dedication to each other. You can see sisters beefing so often and they really ride for each other. Yet another reason Cardi will forever be popping! 

Milano Is Slept On 

Most females age 14 and up are consumed by the makeup bug. Because of their popularity, people sort of flock to MAC and Sephora. 

If you don’t know, Kiko Milano is an Italian based cosmetics store founded in 1997. I stumbled upon them during the last holiday season at  their location in Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. I always passed it on my way Sephora and actually after not finding something I was looking for in Sephora I went it and it changed my perspective. 

Kiko Milano has really good products are they’re slightly less expensive then MAC and Sephora. I love buying the lip colors. The color range is absolutely beautiful. I also use the matte foundation for a lighter color under my eyes  I use that product in conjunction with MAC’s Studio Fix and Kiko Milano brushes. 

If you’re a makeup junkie and haven’t been around to Kiko Milano check out the website or visit a location. Trust me, you’ll be surprised. 

MAC I Love 

MAC Stud Eyebrow Pencil 

The only brow pencil I use.  Remember don’t use black eyebrow pencils. Always use a dark brown. It’s just better for us all. 

MAC Brow Set 

I swear by this brow gel. It’s like heaven in a clear tube. My eyebrows last all day. Even if I take a nap I can still wake up and brows are in tact. 

MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation 

NW40. Know your color!  

MAC Eyeshadow 

I use this product for my highlight right under my eyes. I never wear eyeshadow so I never use this for its actual purpose. 

MAC Prep & Prime 

A must for me. Even if I just do something quick like only my eyebrows cause I’m in a rush I still spray this and get a nice finish. 

How Howard Changed Me 

So it’s safe to say I’ve come a long way from who I used to be. Where I’m from and where I am now are completely different. I’m sure you’re wondering what my life story has to do with hair, so I’ll tell you a story. 

Once upon a time, in the 757, there was a young girl- ME!  Anyway, all my life “I had to fight”-Color Purple, just playing I had natural hair. I never saw a perm. Although I did see that hot comb and all I had was sense enough to stay still and a prayer my grandmother had a steady hand. The sense took awhile to sink in. With that being said, I always wore my hair straight, well in braids and ponytails until I was like eleven or twelve. I had beautiful hair. It was thick, tight curled, 3C-4A hair and I was always curious about my curly hair. I remember staring in the mirror after getting it washed and playing in my curls wishing I could keep my hair like that. As I got older my curiosity grew. I always had the wash part down but I didn’t know how to maintain the go, so I ended up looking like Mufasa from Lion King. I was completely clueless. At my high school the only girls I really remember wearing natural hair were the mixed girls and while I have my fair share of non-African roots I’m still a black girl. There wasn’t a lot of natural hair inspiration. YouTube wasn’t popping with the tutorials like it is now or if it was I knew nothing about it. Natural hair just wasn’t prevelant. So I lived out 2008-2012 with my flowing, straight hair.   

  Fast forward to The Mecca, The Hilltop, The Real HU, Howard University. With an intro like that you know you’re bound to come up on some knowledge whether you’re trying to find it or not. My freshman year was a time of transition. I didn’t just have a natural hair inspiration I had a natural hair world. When you come to place that’s deep into it’s roots you learn to find your own roots, and that’s what I did, literally. I found my roots. I was researching natural hair, trying new protective styles, going to information sessions. There’s always a booth, table or something set up for hairstylists or companies. Miss Jessie’s always has a tent during homecoming. With such easy access to products and information I finally learned the “go” part. 


Whenever I go back home I always take a mental note of how things are very much the same as far as natural hair. There’s more now like my nieces and some of their friends but not a lot. I’ve noticed that the 757 has fallen into a stereotype. You know the one were there’s bad hair and if you’re black you automatically have it. So not true. There’s no representation. At Howard I see a variety of hair types and all are beautiful. I’ve seen the prettiest girls with the prettiest natural hair and guess what it’s that 4B hair. You know that hair that “isn’t quite good enough”. I just want my city to understand that it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to be the inspiration you see in others. Proctor and Gamble said it, “my black is beautiful”. My words of wisdom are that the best things are accidental and completely without precedent, so be that! 


What’s the Secret to a Successful Hair Flip?

Seriously … what’s the big secret?  I mean look at Bey she kills a hair flip without moving her neck. I swear she has an invisible fan with her at all times. 

Is it the eye contact or a good camera man or is just timing. Whatever it is for you tell us in the comments. Drop a video too. I love to support a good flip especially after a nice blow out!  

5 Things To Do While Waiting for Hair to Dry 

We’ve all had that weird lapse of time between setting your Bantu Knots and waiting for them to dry, so you can look as put together as the natural hair girls on IG. 

 Here’s some things to take your attention off your hair! 

1. Binge Watch a Show 

I know I love to find a new show to binge watch. Binge watching gives hours on top of hours of time for your hair to dry. You get so emotionally invested in the show you forget why you started watching in the first place. Before you know it you have a set of flawless curls. 

2. Sleep 

Sleeping is one of my favorite activities and I like other people take advantage of the time that sleep offers. Those eight hours of sleep seem to fly away by the time the alarm clock goes off. You wake up feeling less than refreshed but your curls tell a completely different story. One long night of sleep can give your hair the time it needs to manifest into a beautiful masterpiece. 

3. Cook a Meal 

Everyone loves to eat. Why not prepare a delicious meal while you dry. Depending on the look you’re going for drying your hair can take hours. Cooking is a way to pass the time. Plus you have to feed yourself eventually why not do it while you have the time. 

4. Makeup, Makeup, Makeup 

Girly girls love the makeup and I’m one of them. I just stopped by the MAC store today. A fresh look isn’t complete without a beat face to go with the twist out you’re waiting on. Makeup can take a long time to apply especially if you’re into contouring. Your hair will be dry in no time and you camera will be selfie ready. 

5. Clean the House 

Chores are something most people put off including me. Well there’s no time like the present and your hair drying can be the perfect opportunity to do that deep spring cleaning you’ve been thinking about.