#ArmoireAddict: All Eyez On Me 

Who doesn’t love Pac?  Answer. Very few, well in my opinion anyway. 

This Tupac inspired “Trust Nobody” tee comes from a completely random eBay vendor. The tee is accompanied by a jean jacket and black cargos both from Forever21 and a pink, dad hat from Express. 

Rainy day ready, this look provides a carefree yet stylish approach to bad weather. Raindrops shouldn’t stop you from dressing well! 

This is a bit of a rant but the two items from Forever21 I’ve had for a LONG time. I say that because rencently within the last two years or so I’ve really stopped shopping at Forever21. We all know everyone shops at Forever21 and everyone basically buys the same clothes but that’s not the reason I’ve put the brand out of my mind. Truth me told I literally just hate going in the actual store. It’s like a constant swarm of fifteen year olds and their mothers and I just can’t take it.  Online ordering is cool until it comes to the shipping. I think their shipping takes like three years. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but I just got really frustrated with the brand. 

Sidenote: Don’t forget about the new Tupac biopic coming soon! 

Push Through Monica 

The 90’s gave us many great things, one being R&B singer Monica Brown. Monica touched our hearts with “Why I Love You So Much” and “Before You Walk Out My Life” among others hits on her debut album “Miss Thang”. She gave every female an anthem along with Brandy in “The Boy Is Mine” and gave us a tune to sing as we dismantle his car (JK! I never approve of ruining personal property), with “So Gone”.  Monica has continued to give us heart felt soul and TLC through her music. She guides us through love. Helps us accept love and even holds our hand as we get over it.  

Aside from her music, Monica has given us relationship goals with her marriage to NBA player Shannon Brown and family goals with her kids Romelo, Rodney and Laiyah. She creates a life to aspire to. No her life isn’t perfect. I’m sure she’s had marital discourse she’s married to an athlete. No shade but athletes get a bad rep in relationships. Everyone is susceptible to cheating but athletes get an unfair advantage.  Her kids probably irritate her soul some days but she still shows us the wonderful things her kids do.  She’s made my heart melt with her kids pictures. Through whatever she continues to be PRIVATE, POSITIVE and NEVER PETTY. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty hard thing to do in 2017.  

What I absolutely love about Monica and what prompted me to write this post is her effect as a cheerleader. I can go on Instagram everyday and see Monica in my feed supporting somebody. Real, genuine support. No matter who someone is or what their background is you can see Monica opening her arms and telling the world they’re about to be somebody.  Her support for women and African Americans and anybody in general is unreal. She has talent and she has no problem spreading her talent or her love. Monica throws love not shade! 

My auntie always told me that pretty is as pretty does. Monica embodies that to me. She isn’t just a pretty face. Her ability to be relatable in every part of her life and her genuine additiude make her beautiful. We know black don’t crack but beauty on the inside makes the outside more attractive. Shoutout to Monica for making me want to glow up inside! 

What I Love About Kehlani 

If you don’t know Kehlani recently dropped an album SweetSexySavage.  If you’re still unaware of who Kehlani is she’s the artist who was formerly with PartyNextDoor and Cavs player Kyrie Irving. 

But that’s not what I want to get into. What I’m trying to talk about is the fact that I love Kehlani and her music. It never fails, whenever I hear one of her songs it just speaks to my soul. It’s like she’s in my spirit recording thoughts and feelings I’m not at liberty to share. 

Her songs about constant battles with self and relationships are really all that’s going on in my personal life. There’s someone who’s always going to be there but not be there like Down For You with BJ the Chicago Kid.  There’s someone who doesn’t make an effort like In My Feelings and Piece of Mind.  There’s definitely a Distraction dude. Yet, I still have complete faith in myself and my actions like she does in Personal.  

Basically, Kehlani gives a voice to the madness inside my head. I feel like that’s the mark of a truly great artist. Being relatable and connecting to people on a deeper level. I’ve always turned to music to feel that void where I really couldn’t talk about something. I’ve found that her music really relates to me personally. I genuinely feel as is if her music is a part of her and her struggles and her goals and her dreams.  In today’s struggling industry where club hits make no sense at all music that means something gets lost in the hype. 

Anyway! I love me some SweetSexySavage. Go check it out. 

Peace & Love