#ArmoireAddict: Butter&Gold 

Are Timbs a regional thing or a racial thing? I ask the question because Timbs have become a staple in the African American and Hispanic  culture. Everyone knows that any man, woman and baby has at least one pair of Timbs in New York.  That analysis makes the answer regional. However, the same can be assumed of those in D.C.  Whatever the real answer is one can’t deny the effect that the boots have on culture. You can even widen the scope. It’s no secret African American culture paves the way thus making Timbs culturally relevant to the fashionable and trendy.

90’s culture saw the rise of Timbs as a fashion statement and the 90’s rewind of the recent 2010’s has recovered its visibility.  Timbs relevancy in our daily life has even gone so far as to project the status of the wearer.  Like who doesn’t want a family picture with hubby and the baby and everybody’s wearing Timbs? Pictures like that exude prosperity and happiness. Ok, that might be a stretch but you get the point.

Bobbi Boss

For the past three weeks, I’ve been wearing a long, blunt cut bob using Bobbi Boss hair.  Bobbi Boss is a premiere brand that I came across in the beauty supply store.  I know “premiere” and “beauty supply don’t exactly go together.  With a field, in marketing, I’m well aware that price and place often effect the perception of the product and the value it has in our minds.

Anyway, I took a trip to the beauty supply store because I just wanted some cheap hair for the style I wanted to try.  As I said before, it’s long, blunt cut bob.  I figured that since I wanted to cut the hair for the bob I didn’t want to shell out a lot of money, and I only wanted  like 12 or 14 inches, keep it simple. Now when I say cheap hair I don’t mean synthetic, nor do I mean shed my life away.  So off jump, at the beauty supply store options are limited.  I browsed and saw the Bobbi Boss Blaze brand.  Just for clarification, Bobbi Boss has several brands and several different types of hair.  The Blaze brand is one of the cheaper brands and is characterized as Human Hair (Yaky) not Remy, which is known for being more premiere and of a higher quality and grade.  I purchased two packs of the Blaze 12 and 14 inches for like $36 each.  Each pack has two bundles.

I went and had the hair installed by Tea (go check her out).Since the hair was being cut and it was cheap I expected to see a lot of shedding in the days after my install.  Nope! There has been like no shedding at all in three weeks! Except for the natural shedding when you brush, that your natural hair experiences.  Because I’m used to always getting Indian, Remy hair because it matches best with my real hair I wasn’t sure if the texture of the Blaze was going to blend well.  Well it does.  The Blaze brand did an extremely good job at looking just like my real hair, it blends wonderfully.  I was also skeptical that because it was so cheap that after a few days wear and tear it would start to tangle up.  Not the case.  I only experienced some tangle when I curled the hair and constantly put holding spray on it because I was redoing the curls. But there’s a quick remedy for that.  A nice shampoo, conditioning and blow out and the hair is back to its normal glossy state with no tangles and no shedding as promised by the companies tag line.

The Blaze brand is the only brand I’ve tried under Bobbi Boss but I intend to try more.  This brand surpassed my expectations and is a great way to look good without breaking the bank.  But my sister and I always say that its not how much you pay for your hair but how you take care of it.  I always try to treat any extensions like my own hair.  That means wrapping, washing, etc.  And let’s not forgot that a bomb stylist can make anything look good.



Stylist Alert!

Over the summer, I did a little bit of experimenting.  I got my first frontal! Being that this was a momentous occasion that deserved and required nothing but the best I had to get a stylist.  Hair is very important to me.  In my opinion it makes or breaks vision on any given day.  Also, I never let other people touch my hair, except for my sister (i.e. the person responsible for my custom colors) and the lovely Ms. Tina.  With that being said, the hunt was on to find a stylist. 

I believe the secret to successful hair is the right stylist (or at least a guiding hand).  Don’t flake on me and stop reading cause I said you need a stylist. In all actuality you don’t need a stylist but sometimes an expert opinion can be helpful even for the best do-it-yourselfers.

Trust me! I speak from experience. Your stylist is the person that’ll hit you with that reality check (ex. “cut them ends”).  A stylist isn’t there to scam money out of you or to hurt you in any way. You have to think of a stylist like your annual check up at the dentist. It’s your job to take care of your teeth but the dentists job to tell you you’re on the right track. The same goes for a stylist. They lay the ground work and you keep it going for the next three months.

Anyway, back to me so thanks to the lovely StyleSeat I was  able to find my stylist with no hassle at all.  When I tell you that Tea is heaven sent, I mean it! Y’all know all the black hair salon clichés, late, talking, ninety-nine kids running around, your hair is never dry, you don’t leave till forty-eight hours later etc.  There is absolutely none of that with Tea.  You have the salon and the chair all to yourself.  But that’s just icing on the cake, I found a stylist wth knowledge and skill.  The experience was cenetered around healthy, growing hair from the products used to how she layed the braids and the frontal.  Appointments every two weeks are insisted upon espeacially with a frontal not only to ensure that your hair slays but also for the care of your real hair, mainly those edges.

The tricky part about a stylist is finding one that has your best interest at heart. When I tell you quality over quantity you better believe it. You have to become the FBI when looking for a stylist. You dig up all their hair dirt. You can’t just take pictures you need testimonials and a trial run. Don’t just stick with anybody because there cheap. Cheap isn’t always better! Don’t stick around because of loyalty either. “She’s been doing my hair for years,” well that’s why it looks awful. Maybe you need to find somebody to put some redirection in your life. Your stylist should be just the right amount of wonderful in all aspects of hair, whether it’s natural or permed, braided or in locs, sew in, wig or lace. And you know you’ve found the right person when they hit you with “we’ve got to think about your edges”.  Truth is the most important factor in a stylist.

I’ve seen dozens of women with no edges and balding hair due to lack of hair care and a terribly indecent stylist. Moral of the story, if you don’t have a stylist get you one.

Get The Look! 

Blazer: Forever21   Blouse: Express   Jeans: Zara   Heels: ALDO

Complete Look: $207.70 

  Blouse: H&M   Pants: H&M   Shoes: Francescas   Bag: H&M

Complete Look: $182.92

Dress: Go Jane    Shoes: Express   Bag: ASOS

 Complete Look: $199.50

Friendship Goals

Ladies, ladies, ladies, I’m tired of seeing your sloppy friend fall out and  over the nasty floor when I’m at an event.  I just got done with spring break and I had the pleasure of being in Atlanta.  I also went to a 2 Chainz performance when I came back to D.C. Needless to say at every event I attended there were those group of girls who I feel like are “bad friends”.  Everyone has a moment, and I completely respect that.  I’ve had a moment or two but not in public and my squad definitely came through and held me down.  I just feel like girl you see your friend, you know she doesn’t need another drink, you know you need to get her some water, even if you hear “Cash Money taking over the 99 and the 2000’s,” (Juvenile, Back That Azz Up) she needs to have a seat.

Do ya’ll just not realize how it looks? Seriously! Let me put it into perspective for you.  You know the movie Lion King? Of course you do.  You know the scene where Simba and Nala are trying to find the elephant graveyard, but it’s a really a set up because Scar was hella shady, and the hyenas show up? You know.  Well your friend is dumb, little Simba, that man that’s been lurking on your drunk friend is the hyena, and you darling, you are Scar.  Why are you Scar? Because you’re SHADY! Remember in the movie Mufasa showed up and saved Simba and Nala.  Friends need to act like Mufasa.  Save your friend.  Please!

In Atlanta, I witnessed a girl literally almost falling to her death. One, she couldn’t walk in heels.  Two, she was like the epitome of bow legged.  Where were her friends? They were in line, in the club and getting a number. To me a good friend would have been like maybe flats, maybe sandals, I’ll even give you wedges.  Some might say “Dom that’s mean,” but it’s not.  I don’t see it that way.  My friends know me and I expect them to tell me the truth. If I look bad I expect one of them to say Dom I don’t like that or you’ve looked better, something.  Bottom line, if they let her wear the shoes they should’ve been helping home girl walk in them.

Saturday was completely worse.  You know the saying “the blind leading the blind,” that was that crew.  All of them were lit, like blazing, like a forest fire.  But one of them stood out, lil mama was gone.  Poor baby, she fell all on the floor and then rolled like it was fire drill.  She lost her shoes. She fell over one of my friends. She was dropping other peoples drinks.  At this point, the most sober one should’ve came to the rescue.  But no because what? You got it.  These females are shady.  They walked away from her. Eventually they came back but that shouldn’t have happened.  How are you going to leave her like that. Something could’ve went really wrong.

I used to always wonder how girls would go missing in like Mexico and Aruba.  I understand now.  I’m not saying friends don’t care at all, but they don’t care enough.  Don’t let the drunk one go  by herself, don’t let anyone go alone actually.  By all means be a cock block.  Save my life! Instead of Snapchatting my drunkenness help me off the floor.  Simple things like that make the most impact in a persons life.  Make me understand why you’re my friend in the first place.  Show me that you have my back, that you’ll hold my hair and my hand. If I’m acting up and you don’t turn into my mama then we don’t need to be friends.  Real friends keep each other in line, no matter what, and that should be every females friendship goals.