Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’ve seen the recent hashtag #unfairandlovely. The hashtag and campaign were launched by three “unfair” students, of the University of Texas.  An extremely creative, Pax Jones photographed a series highlighting two of her fellow classmates, Mirusha and Yanusha Yogarajah. I don’t have to say it, the images speak for themselves.  These two ladies are more than stunning! The motive behind the campaign is to put an end to the whole dark is inferior stereotype and skin bleaching.  So many women not only African American but also South Asian, Indian and African women have to deal with society and media projecting the “light is right” image.


Being African American, my family has a multitude of shades.  However, my older sister and two out of three of her children have a lighter complexion.  My oldest niece and her oldest daughter, has a darker complexion than her sisters and mother.  Her twin, as I stated, is lighter but she’s also a lot more outgoing and loves to be the center of attention.  Her love of popularity, and the constant amount of people around her waiting to praise her with attention can be misconstrued to seem like she’s the prettier twin.  I’m not bragging but my nieces are the definition of beautiful.  Just because one has more likes on a photo than the other doesn’t take away any beauty from the other.  I’m dedicating this post to my niece because she, like me doesn’t like popularity or excessive attention.  I’m dedicating this post to her because even though she hears it at home one more time doesn’t hurt.  I’m dedicating this post to her because it’s completely ok to be what’s different in your environment.  I’m dedicating this to her because she’s truly beautiful.

This hashtag really hit home for me as I think it did for many people.  In a world, where selfies rule the day and self love is key, there are still so many that feel inadequate.  I completely support #unfairandlovely and everything it stands for.  I hope that this campaign touches the lives of many and shares the importance for beauty for the unfair with millions of little girls that struggle with it every day.