New Business …. Who This?

Hey lovelies!!!!!

I know it’s been a while, like a whole year. I’ve been experiencing life after Howard and the whole adulting world. However, I plan to be back in full effect. New hair, new outfits and new topics.

Now that I’m 24. I want to start something that has always been on my heart. I’ve always been obsessed with hair and everything that comes with it. I want to own my own thing and make something magical out of it. I want to be classic like Fenty Beauty and leave a legacy for my kids like Jay and Bey. So here it is or the start of it anyway…..

Heir Extensions. Virgin Brazilian and Malaysian bundles and wigs for sell. I’d like to add more pieces so tell me what you guys think. Buy and try some pieces if the spirit moves you. Let me know things you’d like to see and send in some reviews so I know how to perfect the brand.

Thanks for listening! I hope you share and click and buy and all that good stuff. I’ll be back in a few days with an update from my closet. 💋

Still Missing My Bun

It’s been since November 2015 when I last cut my hair.  My cut was hot and I gave major shoutouts to my sister for her skills with the scissors.  But long hair was always my life and I miss it so much! Hair growing back, especially black hair is a game of patience and as I’ve said before God didn’t gift that gift to me.  My need to maintain my illusion of long hair is probably what’s heightened my love of weaves.  But even with the  weaves, traditional or versatile, lace or sew-in nothing beats being in a rush and throwing my hair up in that messy bun.  You could almost associate it with a dependency problem.

I can wear buns with my weave or even get my hair styled to just be a bun but the feeling isn’t the same.  I’m also extremely lazy and there’s just to much effort that goes into trying to make a weave bun look natural. Unless it’s a lace wig which in that case it’s extremely easy but the up-keep for that is like every 2 weeks and that’s team to much.

My hair has grown a lot in this last year but it’s still not there and it just makes me sad. Until I get back to chanting “long hair don’t care”, I’ll stick to my weaves but that $175 just hits sometimes.  Like when I already spent my whole life in the mall.

With all that’s going on in 2017 trivial things like my bun seem petty to rant about but it’s the little things like my bun that keep me sane.  In a world, that appears to be full of destruction and heartache and second guessing your neighbors political affiliation pawning for my messy bun to return gives me faith that four years flies by and that constitutional checks and balances can suffice until the messy bun can be reinstated.

#ArmoireAddict: Nude On My Feet

About a month ago, I saw these really cute nude Converse and ever since then I’ve really wanted some nude sneakers.  So while perusing on my ALDO app I found them.  These shoes are so nice! Being nude allows for a lot of versatility almost as much as if they were plain black or white.  The shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable.  The style of the shoes remind of Addidas without the stripes which is kind of good if you’re trying to save on some Superstars or you’re the type of person that hates trends and wants to be different yet fashionable.  Me personally, I own both but that was probably a given due to the fact that if it’s cute and I see it I’m buying it nine times out of ten.   The color is my favorite thing about them I just think it’s sooooo pretty and I can’t stop looking down at my feet.  So far I’ve paired them with an all black outfit but keep viewing #ArmoireAddict for further details.  I’m sure these kicks will make an appearance on an outfit for the day.



Nothing but Love for Ivy Park

So Bey just dropped an activewear/sportswear line earlier this month.  Kinda like that album she dropped on IG and that song right before the Super Bowl, not to mention that tour without an album (that I would totally go to BTW).  Anyway, the line is titled as Ivy Park. I’m guessing the Ivy part is linked to her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Moving on, anyone that knows me knows I love, love, love Beyoncé and support her in everything she does.  You want to talk about goals, she is a life goal for me.  I mean that in the sense that her skills as a businesswoman are at the top of the charts, like her singles and her albums. She has perfected the game so well that dummies, like me, go out and buy anything she puts out without a second thought. I want that type of brand loyalty for whatever business venture I happen upon in the future.  Anyway, due to my undying love for Bey, when I saw the commercial for the line I was ecstatic.  I don’t even exercise.  I actually despise exricese.  I hate to sweat but best believe I will be at Nordstromm’s to get an item or two from the Ivy Park collection.

Apparently, Ivy Park will be available for purchase on April 14th (4 days).  On the 14th, Nordstrom, Topshop and Zalando will be the three exclusive retailers of Ivy Park.  I anticipate that this release will be equivalent to any new Jordan release date so prepare accordingly.

Friendship Goals

Ladies, ladies, ladies, I’m tired of seeing your sloppy friend fall out and  over the nasty floor when I’m at an event.  I just got done with spring break and I had the pleasure of being in Atlanta.  I also went to a 2 Chainz performance when I came back to D.C. Needless to say at every event I attended there were those group of girls who I feel like are “bad friends”.  Everyone has a moment, and I completely respect that.  I’ve had a moment or two but not in public and my squad definitely came through and held me down.  I just feel like girl you see your friend, you know she doesn’t need another drink, you know you need to get her some water, even if you hear “Cash Money taking over the 99 and the 2000’s,” (Juvenile, Back That Azz Up) she needs to have a seat.

Do ya’ll just not realize how it looks? Seriously! Let me put it into perspective for you.  You know the movie Lion King? Of course you do.  You know the scene where Simba and Nala are trying to find the elephant graveyard, but it’s a really a set up because Scar was hella shady, and the hyenas show up? You know.  Well your friend is dumb, little Simba, that man that’s been lurking on your drunk friend is the hyena, and you darling, you are Scar.  Why are you Scar? Because you’re SHADY! Remember in the movie Mufasa showed up and saved Simba and Nala.  Friends need to act like Mufasa.  Save your friend.  Please!

In Atlanta, I witnessed a girl literally almost falling to her death. One, she couldn’t walk in heels.  Two, she was like the epitome of bow legged.  Where were her friends? They were in line, in the club and getting a number. To me a good friend would have been like maybe flats, maybe sandals, I’ll even give you wedges.  Some might say “Dom that’s mean,” but it’s not.  I don’t see it that way.  My friends know me and I expect them to tell me the truth. If I look bad I expect one of them to say Dom I don’t like that or you’ve looked better, something.  Bottom line, if they let her wear the shoes they should’ve been helping home girl walk in them.

Saturday was completely worse.  You know the saying “the blind leading the blind,” that was that crew.  All of them were lit, like blazing, like a forest fire.  But one of them stood out, lil mama was gone.  Poor baby, she fell all on the floor and then rolled like it was fire drill.  She lost her shoes. She fell over one of my friends. She was dropping other peoples drinks.  At this point, the most sober one should’ve came to the rescue.  But no because what? You got it.  These females are shady.  They walked away from her. Eventually they came back but that shouldn’t have happened.  How are you going to leave her like that. Something could’ve went really wrong.

I used to always wonder how girls would go missing in like Mexico and Aruba.  I understand now.  I’m not saying friends don’t care at all, but they don’t care enough.  Don’t let the drunk one go  by herself, don’t let anyone go alone actually.  By all means be a cock block.  Save my life! Instead of Snapchatting my drunkenness help me off the floor.  Simple things like that make the most impact in a persons life.  Make me understand why you’re my friend in the first place.  Show me that you have my back, that you’ll hold my hair and my hand. If I’m acting up and you don’t turn into my mama then we don’t need to be friends.  Real friends keep each other in line, no matter what, and that should be every females friendship goals.