Push Through Monica 

The 90’s gave us many great things, one being R&B singer Monica Brown. Monica touched our hearts with “Why I Love You So Much” and “Before You Walk Out My Life” among others hits on her debut album “Miss Thang”. She gave every female an anthem along with Brandy in “The Boy Is Mine” and gave us a tune to sing as we dismantle his car (JK! I never approve of ruining personal property), with “So Gone”.  Monica has continued to give us heart felt soul and TLC through her music. She guides us through love. Helps us accept love and even holds our hand as we get over it.  

Aside from her music, Monica has given us relationship goals with her marriage to NBA player Shannon Brown and family goals with her kids Romelo, Rodney and Laiyah. She creates a life to aspire to. No her life isn’t perfect. I’m sure she’s had marital discourse she’s married to an athlete. No shade but athletes get a bad rep in relationships. Everyone is susceptible to cheating but athletes get an unfair advantage.  Her kids probably irritate her soul some days but she still shows us the wonderful things her kids do.  She’s made my heart melt with her kids pictures. Through whatever she continues to be PRIVATE, POSITIVE and NEVER PETTY. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty hard thing to do in 2017.  

What I absolutely love about Monica and what prompted me to write this post is her effect as a cheerleader. I can go on Instagram everyday and see Monica in my feed supporting somebody. Real, genuine support. No matter who someone is or what their background is you can see Monica opening her arms and telling the world they’re about to be somebody.  Her support for women and African Americans and anybody in general is unreal. She has talent and she has no problem spreading her talent or her love. Monica throws love not shade! 

My auntie always told me that pretty is as pretty does. Monica embodies that to me. She isn’t just a pretty face. Her ability to be relatable in every part of her life and her genuine additiude make her beautiful. We know black don’t crack but beauty on the inside makes the outside more attractive. Shoutout to Monica for making me want to glow up inside! 

Videos That Made Love Real 

SouthSide, Lloyd ft. Ashanti 

When Lloyd came out with SouthSide I was like 10 years old and completely in love with Lloyd and his beautiful hair and equally as obsessed with Ashanti.  That video was like the perfect amount of everything I needed love to be at 10. To be honest it’s still one my favorite songs. I guess it’s something fascinating about thinking about lying to your daddy over a guy. That’s like the two great loves in your life being at war over you. SouthSide to me was a positive image for black love. It was like I love you, you love me, let’s go get our chicken and love each other. 

You Don’t Know My Name, Alicia Keys 

We all know when Alicia dialed homeboys number to ask him on that date all out hearts dropped a little. I remember watching 106 & Park like girl don’t do that, you’re pretty you don’t need to act desperate. But in true Alicia Keys fashion, she showed us that men don’t always have to take the first step. Being older I realize that more, sometimes you have to put your big girl panties on and ask the hard questions.  You Don’t Know My Name also proved that pretty girls always respond to the man in the nice tailored suit.  Seriously though, Alicia was like every female ever feigning over the man of her dreams. It was poetic and beautiful. 

Promise, Jagged Edge 

It could just be me but I love me some Jagged Edge.  Promise was just what it’s name suggested. It proved that black love was real and that no matter the many inconveniences of daily life you could count on your partner to be down for you. 

We Belong Together, Mariah Carey 

My friends know that is one of my favorite videos of all time.  Who doesn’t end up in a rebound relationship where the person is really nice or whatever but they’re just not what you want for your life. Mariah embodied that. She showed black love and proved that real love means owning mistakes and taking the appropriate actions to not mess up your life forever by marrying someone not for you. Plus, that dress was EVERYTHING!

Walked Outta Heaven, Jagged Edge 

Of course, Jagged Edge again. Walked Outta Heaven screams love because he walked out but then he felt remorseful about it. And it wasn’t a little bit of remorse it was like ride around with your friends and talk about it until they feel crappy remorseful.  But he wasn’t just remorseful he was remorseful and came back. Let’s repeat that! He came back. Enough said. Any man or woman for that amatter who comes back after they probably should’ve won the argument proves they love you and they’re willing to work it out with you.

Why I Love You So Much, Monica 

My girl Monica. Everything Monica does is beautiful and inspiring but Why I Love You So Much stands out because it’s when she first came out so she was young. Monica was out here singing about her boo holding her down and waiting for her. For any young girl especially, finding someone who’s willing to not put pressure on you is a major find and worth singing about. Why I Love You So Much along with Before You Walk Out My Life displayed Monica’s maturity and her true understanding of real love. In both songs she stressed the importance of being comfortable which we sometimes forget. It’s easy to get caught up in what the other person wants and lose sight of yourself. Monica gave us love by telling us real love starts with self first. 

Dontchange, Musiq Soulchild 

Dontchange gives the world a glimpse into black love in truest form. This video shows the highs and lows of life and relationships.  Everyone wants to know somebody is going to be there when they’re 73 and all their body parts are falling off. Having the confidence in your significant other to constantly see the best in you when you don’t quite see it yourself is goals for every relationship.  

I’ll Make Love To You, Boyz II Men 

How could I possibly have a list about videos showing black love without Boyz II Men.  I remember being like 5 and 6 years old watching this old tape of videos with my big sister. Whenever I’ll Make Love To You came on I always thought when I grow up I’m going to have a boyfriend that buys me security systems and light candle for my bubble bath. Needless to say I’ll Make Love To You is where I’m trying to be in life.