#ArmoireAddict: Baby Addition 

My shopping addiction isn’t just limited to little old me. No, no, no, I share my style with the people I love. 

This #ArmoireAddict is dedicated to the toddler and the mommies of the world. Just because a person is under three feet tall doesn’t mean they can’t dress well. I believe in teaching the babies early.  A fly baby is a happy baby! 

A cute tee from BabyGap and baby Huaraches! The babies need fresh air and exercise so there’s no need to limit them to outfits that adults wear. However, the playtime combinations we provide should keep the kiddies Snapchat ready.  

Maybe it’s just me but a nicely dressed baby says a lot. It displays love and care for a baby and it shows that you’re not only concerned about your own looks and well-being but you’re concerned about your kids too. It’s probably just an old way of thinking from the old folks like my grandma or even my parents but regardless I believe kids need to look just as good as we do! 

#ArmoireAddict: Basketball Junkie 

Normally I’m a Lakers fan, (as instructed by my mother since I was born) but the shirt was hot so I had to wear it. Featuring Urban Outfitters and FashionNova we get a fun, simple, Friday, lounge around look. 

A classic, red and black, Chicago Bulls tee from Urban Outfitters and gray leggings with red stripes down the side from FashionNova. This look was so comfortable and perfect for the fluncfuating weather. I added a black bomber jacket whenever I went out to endure the cold with black Nike’s and I had a complete carefree fit. 

And just for the giggles…. 

#ArmoireAddict: Looney Baby 

We all know how karma works. What goes around comes around. Same rules apply to fashion … and cartoons. How long have the Looney Tunes been around? Bugs and his lovely gang date back to pre-World World II times. They were even used as propaganda tools against the Nazis during the war. One may asks what keeps a show like that coming back. The Flinstones and the Jetsons didn’t have that type of run time. Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo are the only other shows that have maintained as much appeal throughout multiple generations. 

Relevance is the key to success. The Looney Tunes have been able to keep our attention by keeping up with the Kardashians so to speak. We’ve seen Bugs & Crew team up with star athletes like Micheal Jordan in Space Jam, Brendan Frazier in Looney Tunes: Back in Action and more recently they appear in a self-titled show on Cartoon Network. 

With all this screen time, the Looney Tunes have their fair share of merchandise and apparel.  Who didn’t want a Space Jam jersey, especially with the surge of 90’s fashion? If you didn’t I know I did and that’s why I own one. Like many other 90’s kids I’m a sucker for cartoons and cartoons on my tshirts. So I own a few things with Bug’s face on it. And one stolen sweater from my big sister. 

As far as fashion is concerned, Tweety, Lola, Taz and the rest are making some rather big appearances in our wardrobes. 

Sidenote: Yesterday was my twin nieces birthday. They turned 15. Being the great auntie that I am I was thinking of them while writing this post and I remembered their baby shower theme was Looney Tunes. It was so adorable. I wish I had the pictures. I loved it so much that year for Christmas I asked Santa for Looney Tunes baby accessories for my dolls (I was eight F.Y.I.). My little dolls had a Tweety baby carrier and Bugs Bunny swing. Aww the memories! 

#ArmoireAddict: Bum Day 

We’ve all had those bum days where you just don’t feel like putting your best foot forward. In honor of those days I’ve dedicated an #ArmoireAddict post especially to them. 

Nike, Converse, Fashion Nova and … WalMart? These four pieces together create a perfect balance between “I just threw something on” and “the perfect outfit”.  Here’s a rundown of the pieces from head to toe. Moto Jacket from Fashion Nova, hoodie from Nike, of course, leggings from WalMart (Don’t sleep on WalMart. They carry necessities and in this day and age leggings are as necessary in a females wardrobe as deodorant.) and shoes from Converse by way of Journey’s. 

A successful bum day is pulled off when your selected pieces are cohesive and flow together. You can’t overdo and you can’t underdo even though the point is to look like you’re not putting in any effort, if that makes sense. Bum days are all about basics. Basic colors, basic clothes, etc. The only thing I don’t have that adds that final touch to a perfect bum day is the messy top knot bun. But you better believe when my hair grows back out the messy bun will be in full effect. 

So I’ll end with a question to my followers. How do you complete your bum day?